The Vacancy Process

Rev Jonathan Mortimer stepped down from his role as vicar of All Saints in January 2022. We're grateful to him and Ruthli for their years of humble service and enabling encouragement. You can read Jonathan's letter to the church here.

Our church is currently in a stage called 'interregnum' - the period in between two incumbents. We are grateful for Jenny's steady leadership as 'interim minister' but Jenny recently shared that she won't be applying for the role (if you missed that you can read her note here).

The timeline for the recruitment process is indicated in the diagram below (and here for a screen reader friendly version).

The vacancy is now being advertised and you can view this at the CPAS website. CPAS are our patrons and prayerfully, alongside representatives from the Diocese of Southwark and our own church family, they will help to make the appointment of the next vicar of All Saints.

On 21st June we will host up to 4 shortlisted candidates for familiarisation visits to the church and parish. On 22nd June, those candidates will be interviewed by a panel including Liz and Raphael, our churchwardens, representing our church family.

We're grateful for all the work put into the Parish Profile as we worked together to give prospectives leaders a picture of we are and where we find ourselves at this moment in time. You can download and read the Parish Profile here.

We want to surround this whole process in prayer, that God would move and bring along exactly the person He has in mind for the next season at All Saints, to lead us into what we can't yet see.

In the week before the interviews, kicking off with our June Prayer Night,  we'll be embarking on another 24 hours of prayer, particularly covering the candidates, panel and decision-making process. You can sign up now to be in the prayer room or to pray from home, alone or with a small group, prayer triplet or friend. We'll even have an all-age friendly slot so that those with kids at home can come along and not worry about it needing to be quiet and serene!

Book your slot now at the 24-7 prayer website.