Meet some of us

meet some of us

We are quite a large church (about 300 on a Sunday morning and 60 on a Sunday evening). We also have lots of activities running throughout the week both in our church but also around about in peoples homes in the area which include many other people who do not come every week to church.

In short we are made up of lots of people doing lots of different things! It’s therefore almost impossible to tell you about everyone and the unique and amazing role they fulfil in our church family but this is a starting list of those you might find useful to contact.

Our Leadership Team


Jonathan Mortimer - Vicar


Jenny Dawkins - Associate Vicar

ruth samuels - Director of 0-25yrs ministry

Jonathan S website pic

Jonathan Smith - worship director


Tom Hardyman - operations director


Florence Waterer - PCC Chair


Geurline Griffin - Churchwarden

15. Andy Clarke - Church Warden

Andy Clarke - Churchwarden


Jim Rennison - Site contractor


Racheal Mulema - Urban minister and cap worker

9. Winnie Obese-Benpong - CAP and Community Outreach Coordinator

Winnie Obese-Bempong - Community and CAP worker


Abie Everett - student and children's worker

Charlotte Baxter - Childrens administrator

13. Richard Carey - Finance Administrator

Richard Carey - Finance Administrator

Damian pic

Damian Dacey - PCC Treasurer

Ed pic

Ed Brecknell - PCC Treasurers

Tonye Website pic

Tonye Babudoh - Office Administrator

Georgia website pick

Georgia Ashwell - Events and Communications Manager