Join a team

Join a team

Part of being in the church family means contributing to the life of the church – we can do so much when we all join in! Have a look below to see where your gifting is best used and fill in the form to let us know.



At our morning services we want our children to know God for themselves and to experience His love, hear his voice and see His power! We genuinely believe that doing church alongside our youngest saints will bless your heart. We've described a few key roles at the links below in the hope that it will give you more understanding of what's involved. If you think you could help please use the Join a Team button above to let us know.

Two teenage boys looking at the bible


We have a fantastic group of 11-18 year olds at All Saints with groups on a Sunday and TAGG and The Living Room during the week. They love authenticity and so don't over complicate it! If you can share something of your journey with the Lord with some young people you'll fit right in.


Worship & production

Worshipping God in song is something we value hugely at All Saints and it is through our band and production (audio-visuals and sound) team that this is possible.

If you have musical gifts or are up for being taught out to use our AV or PA system then we'd love to hear from you. Live streaming has been an additional challenge that we want to continue to rise to as we include our family joining us online. Respond using the 'join a team' button above if interested in supporting our growing tech team.



tea and coffee - is back!

We all love our post service cup of tea and we'd love some more people to be involved. It involves a little set up time either before or during the service and then some serving and clearing up afterwards.

If you think you could join this team please contact the church office, or fill in a form below.


welcome & connect

Being greeted well is such a great thing to have when we come to church, whether for the first time or our 100th time.

If you're passionate about helping people feel welcome in church then we'd love you on the welcome and connect team. Send us a message at or fill in the form above.


Prayer ministry

We're so excited to see God move and transform peoples lives in our services. We have a prayer team at our morning service and would love to have one at our evening service.

Whether you are a morning service go-er or an evening service go-er, if you love to pray with people then we'd love to have you on our prayer ministry team.

Use the button above or below to respond.


pastoral care

We are looking for trustworthy people to join our pastoral care team. This ministry provide support to members of the church family needing someone to listen and pray.

Contact the church office – or use the buttons above or below to respond.

CAP banner


There is so much happening with our CAP (Christians Against Poverty) team. From baking cakes for clients, taking someone shopping, going on visits and helping with events.

If you want to join the CAP team contact or fill in the join a team form below or above.


The 6 Evening Service Team

Do you come to our evening service? If you do have you thought about joining one of these teams:

Welcome | help everyone feel like they belong at The 6.

Prayer | we'd love to have a prayer team passionate to see God transform our lives.

Worship | If you are musically gifted or techy you could help us worship the Lord.

If you want to join any of these teams please contact the church office or fill in the form above or below.


Community cafe

Every Tuesday morning 9:15am - 11am we hold our community cafe in the church. Free tea, coffee, cake and wifi for all!

Want to join the team that makes cakes for this? Get in touch.

Are you around to come along and volunteer on the morning? Get in touch.

Either way, we'd love to hear from you. Contact the church office or use the buttons above and below.


Gardening & Cleaning

Once a month we get together to give our church building and garden a tidy up. As the phrase goes, ‘many hands make light work’ and we’d love as many of us as possible to help out at these. If you can’t do every month can you do every other, or even helping out once a year!

The last Saturday of the month, 10am – 1pm. Drop in and help us look after our site.

Contact – or use the buttons above and below.