We are a vibrant Anglican Church based in Peckham. We love God, we love each other and we love our community. Please feel free to join us at any one of our services or at an event in the week, whether you are a regular church goer or not. It would be great to meet you!

 Find out more info at our FAQs here.

sunday morning service 10:30am

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At this service we gather together for worship, prayer, reading from God’s word and teaching. This term we're exploring our different ministries and priorities at All Saints, then we'll be journeying through the book of Jonah before we encounter some of the key players in the Christmas story! Sunday morning services also include provision for our children and young people.


Online square

If you can't make it to church on a particular Sunday, you can join the livestream on YouTube starting just before 10:30am. The whole service is broadcast so you don't miss out.

Find us at our YouTube page.

the 6
Sundays at 6pm

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The 6 is our evening service. We spend some extra time in prayer and worship and hear from the bible. Right now we're in the mega challenge of journeying through the whole bible; getting an overview of one book per week - find the past teaching here and get reading in preparation for the next book!


Tuesday service 11.15am

An intimate gathering where, together, we pray, worship, read God’s word and receive teaching.  All welcome Tuesdays at 11:15am. With community cafe before, opening at 9:15am.


Monthly Prayer and Worship Nights

We meet monthly for Prayer with our whole church family on the third Wednesday of the month when we ask home groups to pause and come along together. This term that means 20th September, 18th October, 15th November, 17th December.

Worship Nights are a spacious evening to lift up our praise to our God and hear from Him as He ministers to us. They happen usually on the first Thursday of the month. This term that means 7th September, 5th October, 2nd November.


Listen Again or go Deeper

All our morning services and evening talks can be found on our YouTube page as videos. If you've missed any recent talks and want to just listen you can catch up at our sermon page.

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