Our Governance & Trustees

Our governance and trustees

Our Parochial Church Council - ‘PCC’ (our Trustee Board) has overall legal responsibility for All Saints and is accountable to the Charity Commission and Church of England.

Our three principles for our PCC members are to be:


Faithful Stewards

Prophetic Thinkers

Strategic Planners.

Our PCC is made of:

Clergy – Jenny Dawkins, Jonathan Mortimer.

Churchwardens – Elizabeth Fothergill, Raphael Pedro, Geurline Griffin (Honorary).

Deanery Synod representatives - Olivia Brambill, Roger Orr

Elected  members - Damien Dacey (treasurer), Gareth Hepworth (SD lead), Rachel Trimble (secretary), June Brown, Naomi Davis (safeguarding champion), Lucy Sawyer, Eian Stedford, Jane Fryer, Eleanor Orr (co-treasurer tbc)