Saturday Theology

Our Saturday Theology mornings are a chance to go a little deeper into the subjects we're studying, allowing more time to think practically about how we live out what we learn. Find out what's coming up and watch previous sessions below.

Saturday Theology: The Arts

Saturday 16th March 2024, 10am - 1pm

Saturday Theology is back as we take a morning to go deeper into an area of teaching and try to put our theology into practice!

This time we’ve got a focus on the creative arts with the space being hosted by some of the creatives within our own congregation. We’ll be thinking how we can serve and bless the thriving arts scene in Peckham, exploring what the bible says about art and the imagination with Chris Oldfield, and making space for artists within our church to share their practice and work, connect with, support and learn from one another.

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Saturday theology: Voice of God

In March 2022 we took a morning session to explore our Voice of God series, particularly leaning in to hear the Voice of God and explore the prophetic. Rev Richard Moy was our excellent speaker and we had a great time practicing. You can catch up on the whole morning below.

richard moy
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