Lent - Devotional

Daily Devotions

We now partake in a season of waiting and preparation, entering into the wilderness with Jesus, finding strength by recognizing our weakness. We’ve been digging into Scripture this year, talking about different reasons God speaks to us, but how do we practice listening to the sound of God’s voice? Our goal with this Lenten journey is to apply the learning from our Voice of God teaching series in very tangible, real life ways. That’s the muscle we want to exercise during this Lenten season (and beyond).

We'll be sharing a number of voices from our community as they share prayers and ways of praying, helping us to hear and obey the voice of the Lord. Sign up below for daily emails to keep you on track.

With each day, as we prepare to celebrate the Easter feast, may our eyes be opened to the presence of God in our world.

Ash Wednesday Service - 8pm in church

A quiet service of confession, reflection and community as we begin the Lent season and look towards Easter. No need to sig up, just come down to church at 8pm.

ash wednesday