Don't Lose Heart

In our church family here we know too many who have lost their job, their education, their livelihoods, others who have lost loved ones.  But no-one needs to lose heart.  A famous Psalm we love to quote at All Saints says: ‘The Lord is my shepherd … he restores my soul.’  (Psalm 23).  We don’t say this because it’s our job to be religious, but because it’s true.  This ancient wisdom is our actual experience.

Jesus once called himself the good shepherd.  He’s the one the Psalmist was talking about.  He’s the restorer of souls, the source of hope, the giver of mercy.  His presence is like treasure buried in a field.   In times of trouble the good shepherd has not gone away.  As Jesus once said: ‘Seek, and you will find; ask, and it will be given to you; knock, and the door will be opened.’

Get in touch if we can help you in any way to seek, to ask, to knock on the door of the one who is the Lord, the good shepherd.  Who helps us not lose heart.