Students & Young Adults

All Saints Students & Young Adults


All Saints Peckham has partnered with The Bear Church in Deptford Bridge to start an inter-church student/young adult bible study on Monday nights. This is an amazing group of 10-15 people from different churches, but all the same stage of life meeting together. We’re a mixture of first year students, young graduates, church workers and the odd trainee theologian.

We spend our evening laughing together over how to pronounce Old Testament names, worshiping the God who brought us together, drinking copious amounts of tea & coffee and finding out what’s so amazing about the Bible and what does it mean to us.


Again partnering with other churches, we are working together to put on events roughly every 6 weeks. Similar to Branches, these are nights for students and young adults to come together to praise and worship, but are intended to go deeper and encourage involvement from multiple different churches to raise up a network and a community of young believers.

Email to find out more.


I personally don’t know how I would have survived university without a church.

Having a family there to support me, cook me meals, cheer me on with exams, and pray for me when I needed it was such an important part of my faith journey.

If you are a member of the church and feel you could help to support a student, perhaps by cooking for them once a month/term, praying for them regularly or just checking in with them from time to time, it could have an incredible impact on their studies here in London.

If you are a student and like the sound of this, please get in contact and we will help to pair you up with a family to help settle you at uni.

Email to find out more.