Advent - Preparing our hearts for Christmas

As we approach the busy season of Christmas, Christians around the world mark the period of Advent as a time of preparation. Some people choose to fast and to pray, there are dedicated carols for this period and we even get to celebrate by opening calendar windows each day! Often we turn our eyes to all the ways in which God was working all of history together to prepare for the wonderful coming of His son. 

Here at All Saints there are a few different ways we can be preparing for this season and we'd like to invite you in to an advent journey, preparing together for when Love Came Down.

Advent Daily Devotional

This Advent, as we remember the first coming of Christ and wait together with expectation for His return, we will walk through the four traditional candle themes of Advent, leading up to the birth of Christ. Led by different members of our church family, we first celebrate the forerunners of the faith and our adoption into the global family of God. Then, the prophets, all those who foretold the coming of Christ, and those who tell of His glory still today. In the third week, we meet John the Baptist, the symbol of preparation, the one calling in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord. And finally, Mary, the blessed mother of Jesus, a picture of God’s unconditional grace. All of these themes will carry us to the day of Christ’s birth, preparing our hearts for Jesus to once again be born in us, each one of us, mess and all.

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We look forward with expectation to Christ coming again to dwell with us this year. Happy Advent!

Silent prayer - Mondays in Advent


Silent Prayer will be happening every Monday during Advent between 7pm and 8pm in the red shed (right hand side of the hall). Hosted by those who found they enjoyed the summer sessions, this is an hour to come in stillness to allow God to guide our thoughts to Him. If you’ve never tried it before, this busy season might be just the best time to give it a go. Expect a short reflection, followed by a time of silence, before the evening is gently closed in prayer. 

Advent Prayer and Worship

Our monthly rhythms of prayer and worship continue in December with Worship Night on Thursday 2nd and Prayer Night on Thursday 16th, both in church at 8pm. Lean in during this Advent season as we anticipate the coming of Christ in worship and prayer, in wonder and longing, in song and in request.