The Voice of God Teaching Series Spring Term 2022

Going deeper with our Sunday service teaching

We’ve started 2022 by listening out for God’s voice in a sermon series exploring ‘what does God sound like?’

We worship a God who speaks to His people: Psalm 50.3 “Our God comes and will not keep silence”. In the uncertainty of this time, this means we listen out in hope – we’re not calling questions into a void but are in active conversation with the One who made us, saves us, and loves us.

But in the day-by-day whirl of other voices – the noisy world of the city, constant access to voices on podcasts and phones – how can we recognise the voice of God? We’re going to be spending time growing in this together.

Find our weekly topics and bible passages adjacent. Why not to commit to having read the passage before Sunday's services- what might God want to say directly to you?

Saturday Theology - Saturday 5th March

We're setting aside a morning to dive deeper into hearing the voice of God and putting into action some of what we've been learning about all term. Expect some pastries and fellowship followed by teaching and ministry from some guests we've invited along.

One part of the morning will feature your questions that this sermon series has brought to light. What are you pondering? What would you like to know more about? Submit a question anonymously at the link below!

(Booking and questions now closed following the event - catch up below!)

You can catch up now! Listen back to the teaching and Q&A from Saturday Theology, or video of the whole event on our YouTube channel!


Here are some suggested resources related to hearing God's voice and experiencing His presence. If you're looking to do further study on your own or with your small group, these are great places to start!


Discerning the Voice of God, Priscilla Shirer

Be Still Course, 24-7 Prayer

Hearing God Retreat, Dallas Willard

Demonstrating the Gospel (Knowing the Spirit), Practicing the Way

Prayer, Practicing the Way


Hearing God, Dallas Willard

The Life You’ve Always Wanted, John Ortberg
Chapter: The Guided Life: Receiving Guidance from the Holy Spirit

Guidance and the Voice of God, Jensen & Payne

Prayer, John Onwuchekwa

How to Hear God, Pete Greig (just released March 2022)

MEDIA (Videos/Talks/Songs)

The Still Small Voice, Tim Keller

Hearing the Voice of God, Tony Evans

Voice of God, Dante Bowe/Steffany Gretzinger/Chandler Moore