Summer Sundays

Everything you need to know about Sunday services in August

Our August Sundays are going to be a little different!


Tune in! At 10:30 on YouTube there will be a shortened, pre-recorded service with some worship and a talk, finishing shortly after 11am. We're exploring 1 Corinthians 12, what it means to be 'the body of Christ' all different, yet all with a role to play.

Meet up! After the service why not reach out to join with some other All Saints family. You could do this in two different ways:

Online: There will be a zoom room open as normal after the service with options to pray or chat together with others.

In Person: If it works for you, you could consider meeting with others in one of our local meet up points.

Bring :
- something to eat: a picnic for you and your household
- something to do: a game, sport, music
- something to share: a thought, testimony, prayer request etc
Go to:
- one of the designated spots where All Saints family will gather
- see map below!
- spot our ‘welcomer’ who will say hello and help you make a group of no more than 6
- carry out the optional challenge mentioned in the morning service that the welcomer will set you
What if…?
- I don’t want to/ feel comfortable? No problem. This is entirely optional!
- It’s raining? There will be two indoor options on the church site, or maybe you can make a wet weather plan with one other individual/ family. Or join us on zoom.
- I have children? We hope these small gatherings outdoors will be fun for them too.
- There’s no meeting point near me? There could be! We just need a friendly welcomer, maybe you!
- I don’t know anyone in my group of 6? This is the beauty of local church and it is absolutely our hope that you will meet someone you didn’t know before and make a new connection.
- It’s simply a way of being church that we haven’t been able to do for quite some time and it’s our hope that it will help us to be like the body, depicted in 1 Corinthians 12 that we are exploring in our Summer Sundays.

picnic in the park
Tom waving!
A friendly welcomer!
A friendly All Saints Welcomer will be in each of these places
A friendly All Saints Welcomer will be in each of these places

You'll find a welcome at these points:

  • Burgess Park, by the cafe near Chumleigh Gardens
  • Ruskin Park, by the bandstand
  • Peckham Rye Common, on grass in front of the cafe
  • Peckham Rye Park, in the field opposite Harris Boys School
  • Harold Moody Park in Nunhead
  • Telegraph Hill, lower park, on side nearest St Catherine's church
  • Horniman gardens, near the bandstand
  • Mayow Park, near the cafe

Each Sunday we'll pose a different challenge to complete at your meet up! Click the buttons to find the one you need.

If you're more of an evening sort guy or gal, we've got some news for you too!


In church! Throughout August we'll be hosting our Sunday evening services in church. They'll look a little different for sure, but if you would like to come along, read a little more and please pre-register here.

square summer sunday evening