Re-Imagining, Re-envisioning, Re-Opening...

As a church team we’ve been listening to this teaching from Bridgetown Church - ‘It’s time to dream again’ and have found it helpful to think about why we come back together and what we might want it to look like when we do. 

Our ultimate vision is for a Christ-centred, Spirit-filled gathering, where we are transformed by encounter with Him. We are fed by His word in the bible and renewed and empowered through worship. We pray expectantly, and discover, practice and nurture spiritual gifts, so that each is contributing, participating, and released for a life of discipleship. 

We are Jesus centred… and therefore we all belong as family, all grow as disciples, and serve Peckham with love.


Here are some of the other values that are shaping our thoughts as we plan:

  • Participation: Every member is serving by playing a part in the team that makes Sunday services possible.
  • Hospitality: We make space around our tables so that no one is alone.
  • Community: in addition to Sunday services we grow by being in a smaller community of believers journeying together. 
  • Younger generations: we’re committed to excellent discipling of our younger generations. 

With all of this in mind, we’ve plotted some plans for the coming months so that you know what will happen when. Download a text version here


(All dates are estimated and each step subject to government guidelines in place at the time)

Jonathan and Jenny have shared a video message with some of the heart behind these decisions here.

Re-opening Stages- All Saints Peckham (1)

Church family are invited to send in any questions that we hope to answer in zoom calls after Sunday services this week 7th March.