look | out | week

Saturday 14 - Sunday 22 September

Look Out Week is a week when the whole church is being invited to ‘look out’. Put another way – when we’re living more consciously and intentionally as witnesses of Jesus. The purpose? To make it a habit to live like this every week!



During the week itself, everyone will be invited to actively get involved in ‘Prayer, Care and Share’ activities, including anything that’s happening at All Saints. Here are some specific ideas, maybe they’re a part of your life alreadyFor example:



- Pray for 3 people you know, and for opportunities to share in words with them the good news of Jesus.
- Doing one deliberate act of kindness for someone each day.
- Accompany one of the regular and trained team on a CAP visit.
- Eat at Foodcycle on Saturday 14th or 21st, or Wednesday 18th, and seek Holy Spirit led conversations there.
- Join in with parish visiting at various times during the week.
- Join in with Worship on the Streets on Wednesday evening 18th (does what it says on the tin).
- Come along to our community BBQ after the morning guest service on Sunday 22nd.
- For those who are DBS-checked: Spend half an hour offering to read bible stories to toddlers at Babies and Toddlers; support After School Club.