All Saints Youth

All Saints Youth


Youth on a Sunday

Our Sunday youth group is open to everyone from years 7 – 13 and every week we have a diverse range of youth open to hearing from Gods word!

In our teaching program we aim to invest in our youth and open up God’s word to them, whilst including them with discussion and questions, that encourage them to think about things that the Bible introduces.

Examples of topics include, salvation, discipleship, the love of God, and the life of Christ. We utilise the entire bible in conveying these topics, regularly reading from the full range of Old testament and New testament books.

It is an exciting time for our youth as we call the new Youth Space home! A fully dedicated youth building that is utilised on Sundays for youth groups, and in the future will be used for many events beyond!

The youth meet during the Sunday morning service and split into two groups:

Years 7-9 & years 10-13.



FED is a relaxed and sociable evening for boys and girls of (loosely) secondary school Year 9 upwards. Come and join us at for a shared meal, chat, prayer and an interesting guest!  It meets every Tuesday at 6.30pm in various host homes around Peckham and East Dulwich. Ends 8.15pm.

Co-ordinated by Tim Mungeam. Please contact for more info and venue details.