96 Hours of Prayer


This March, beginning on Ash Wednesday, we're joining in with churches across Southwark, praying continually throughout the season of Lent.

We're so excited to be a part of this movement of prayer in our area. We, All Saints Peckham, will be running the first 96 hours of prayer as we focus on praying for Peckham, for God's Kingdom to break through into our community.



Wednesday 6 March, 8pm to Sunday 10 March, 8pm



You can sign up for a slot here: http://www.24-7prayer.com/signup/d112bb


Some things to note...

Praying in unity:  

Significantly, we are joining in with a network of churches across Southwark who are all committing to keep a chain of prayer going throughout Lent, to pray for our borough.  This is a really exciting and important initiative which we're glad to be joining in with.  Our prayer room will focus on praying for Peckham, its people, streets, churches, schools, businesses, charities, police, healthcare workers, hopes, dreams, etc, etc.  We expect and pray to see an outpouring of God's presence and the things of his kingdom in our area.  Just imagine what He might do when His people gather to pray!

'Exclusive' slots:  

This prayer room will be advertised more widely, among brothers and sisters in other churches, and we want to keep the room safe and supported.  As a result, when you book a slot, that slot will be made 'exclusive' to you.  That means that it won't be possible to join in with a slot with someone not already known to you.  You are welcome, of course, to sign up for a slot with friends!  If you see someone signed up for a slot and you know them personally, you could ask them if they're happy for you to join them. Or if you sign up for a slot and want to invite friends to join you, again, do let them know personally.  Please do shout with any questions about this.

Themed hours:  

We are aiming to have some more 'led' or 'themed' hours of prayer, which will include some times especially inviting to parents with little ones - thanks Julie!  Watch this space for details of that - and if you have an interest in running a themed hour, either to pray for a particular sector, or in a particular style, or for a particular age group, please do let me know. Here are some themed slots already planned:

  • Wednesday 6 March, 8pm - 9pm - Ash Wednesday service
  • Thursday 7 March, 8pm - 10pm - Worship Night
  • Sunday 10 March, 10.30 - 12.30am - Morning Service
  • Sunday 10 March, 6pm - 8pm - Evening Service

If you have any questions please email the church office: hello@allsaintspeckham.org.uk